The Asus M2NBP-VM CSM is a µATX form factor PCI Express motherboard. It features a single PCIe x16 slot, a single PCIe x1 slot and a pair of PCI slots. There are 4 memory slots supporting 16 GB of DDR2-800 memory. The motherboard has 8 USB2 ports and integrated NVIDIA NVS-210 graphics.

We bought this board in February of 2008 as part of  a hardware refresh. The NVIDIA business platform is very stable making it suitable for a server if desired. The board comes with a DVD for XP and another for Vista. It also works fine with Windows 7 x64.

We used an AMD Athon64 X2 4200 65W processor with the board which provided a good platform for 64-bit Windows.

We used a single stick of 2GB DDR2 memory for the system. Larger DDR2 4GB sticks never fell in price much before being replaced with lower cost DDR3 which is widely available 2 years later.

The PCI Express x16 slot is blocked by the SATA headers which complicates the use of longer video cards such as A single GTX 260

We have angled SATA cables which are designed to cope with the problem. The EIDE headers are angled so they are less of a problem if needed.

We had an available Zotac 8600 GT display adapter available that worked fine with this motherboard. The 8600 GT was short enough to avoid the SATA headers. Our old ATI x600 card also works fine on this motherboard as will most cards in the $100-$199 bracket.

The integrated NVS-210 workstation graphics allows our Dell P991 to operate at very high resolutions fine. While the 8600 GT was restricted to 1600×1200. The x600 could achieve 2048×1536 fine. A single GTX 260 also cannot get past 1600×1200. Our HD 2400 also can achieve 2048×1636 fine. Evidently NVIDIA does not want consumer cards to support professional grade monitors.

Overall this smaller form factor motherboard is fine for many users. The PCI Express slot provides the opportunity to use a display adapter and use it for games. Equipped  with a full set of connectors makes this board suitable for most upgrade  and repair scenarios.

We used this board until April 2010 when we procured the Asus M2N-VM CSM . The board served for 28 months without problem. The M2NBVM-VM CSM is clearly very hardy.

Corsair AX1500i 1500 Watts ATX 12V/EPS 12V Power Supply with Titanium Efficiency CP-9020057-NA


In July 2011, we salvaged a Sempron 3400+ from a non-functional machine Lenovo machine. Now this board is in use as the web server.

We believe this board makes a good server as there are lots of connectors for disks. The integrated video is helpful when a KVM is needed.


The M2NBP-VM CSM failed in April 2013 after over 5 years of service. The board will no longer POST.

This machine was badly damaged by a bad video card driver (196.75) which cause the 8600 GT to overheat and the motherboard failed subsequently. When NVIDIA bought Aegeia the PhysX P1 card became obsoleted too.