Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas was released November 22, 2006 by Ubisoft. The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Rainbow Six: Vegas is a first person shooter.

This game uses disc checks and Securom, Macromedia, Starforce, Tagès and other protection systems are being rejected by Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 for security reasons (KB3086255).

Rainbow operatives take to the chaotic streets of Las Vegas as an escalating terrorist siege in ‘Sin City’ threatens to take world terrorism to new, uncontrollable heights. The future of global security hangs in the balance as you battle to defend classic Vegas locations and environments like Fremont Street, the Strip, and casinos.

The player commands Logan Keller the new team leader of Rainbow, a international anti-terrorist organization, sent to a Mexican border town to capture Irena Morales who is a terrorist ringleader. Failing to capture Irena, Keller is ordered to head to Las Vegas to handle a new crisis there. The story is on par with any Tom Clancy book or game so far.

Rainbow Six Vegas changes the series with multiple new features, such as a new health system where the player regenerates health while not taking fire. The player can be killed instantly so care is needed in firefights. The player’s vision is reduced when damaged.

Essentially the game is a military fps at its best. It feels like a modern fps but it was made in 2006. It’s clearly a game that was ahead of its time.

Other changes include a larger enemy presence and much tougher artificial intelligence, a shift in focus to where kills will be much harder to obtain, a reincarnated aiming system similar to the aiming system of the old Rainbow Six games.

There is no mission planning feature or save system, instead the game uses a checkpoint system.

The game is loaded with cut-scenes which tries to develop a story for the player. This more or less makes the campaign rather scripted.

The player also has various skills, such as the ability to rappel up and down buildings while shooting and the ability to fast rope into an area. More and more this is becoming common in action shooters.

While this isn’t the most tactical shooter, it is still great fun to play as a whole and online. It has its greats moments, however it is possible for this game to become a twitch shooter and there are a number of things that held the game back from being great. The AI is weak and the commentary is kinda silly. Also this game lacks being able to select your squadmates loadout and not being as tactically in depth as earlier Rainbow Six games or the first Ghost Recon.

Some compare the gameplay with Halo 2 for Windows Vista. Its also a change from the Call of Duty series. Rainbow Six: Vegas has some procedural scenery to make the game more attractive.

Rainbow Six: Vegas includes dynamic real world advertising on billboards and lighted posters in certain areas. Some dynamic advertising requires that the player be connected to the internet, although the single-player campaign displays advertisements to the player on billboards by default, particularly Axe bodyspray.


Online multiplayer on the PC edition has both versus and co-op mode.