The LG DH16NS30 is a SATA DVD-ROM drive.

  • Super Multi DVD drive
  • 52x CDROM
  • 16x DVD-ROM
  • 8x DVD-R
  • 8x DVD+R
  • 5.25″ HH
  • SATA
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD
  • 649g

The LG DH16NS30 is compatible with Windows 98 and above. Windows 95 recognizes the DVD drive as well. The drive is certified for Windows Vista.

The LG DH16NS30 is plenty fast enough for watching DVD movies. It is also fast enough to be the source for a disk copy work station. Making backup copies of Windows disks is helpful as they can become damaged over time.

It’s helpful to have Vista x64 with upwards of 4096MB of memory so that movie playback is unimpeded by system overhead. PowerDVD is comparatively demanding which is why extra memory is desirable along with a fast dual core CPU. 64-bit Windows is also far better with memory management.

Playing movies on DVD PC has become more common now that Vista has been released. Vista x64 provides a good platform for PowerDVD.

The drive was designed primarily for media playback. It does not have any recording capability so the power consumption and thermal management issues are easier.

Windows XP came on one CD while Vista needs single layer DVD discs. The LG DH16NS30 also fully supports dual layer DVD discs.

Starting with iTunes 12, support for multiple drives for importing music give the LG DH16NS30 a new purpose in life. Resurrected drives have been widely used for importing media.