Lost Planet: Extreme Condition was released June 26, 2007 by Capcom. The game was developed by Capcom. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a third person shooter.

The game has an option to switch the view to first person but it does not work.

The levels are sprinkled with many kinds of weapons as well as mechs that shape gameplay however you want.

Each of the 11 levels features a boss to fight. The enemy is the Akrid. The Vital Suits were developed to combat the Akrid. Thermal energy is the main resource needed with the RPG elements.

The VS are mech type opponents which are not very common in games. On foot a player can grapple onto one and hijack it to be used as a weapon.

The player has a climbing tool, that is developed early in the campaign. This is followed by immediate action.

Players can replenish their thermal energy level by defeating enemies or activating data posts. Data posts also allow players to use their navigational radars to see incoming enemies.

The game world is set on a planet called E.D.N 3. Its cold and this game reminds us of the ice and cold of Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason.

A company named NEVEC (Neo-Venus Construction) tries to start colonization on the planet E.D.N 3. Upon arriving on the planet, NEVEC discovers an alien race called Akrid and are forced off the planet, momentarily stopping colonization efforts.

Returning to E.D.N 3 with an army prepared to fight, they find that the Akrid contain a thermal energy source (T-ENG) that is needed to survive on the planet. NEVEC builds the first Vital Suit (VS), powered by T-ENG, to fight the Akrid. Meanwhile, civilian colonists and E.D.N 3 military personnel continue to seek out a nomadic existence as “snow pirates,” harvesting T-ENG from fallen Akrid.

There are no visual aids to get through a given map, forcing players to wander around aimlessly.

The developers did not do much towards making this game more suitable for keyboard and mouse. This naturally is the real basis for a bad PC port. The screen tips etc, all refer to Xbox 360 game pads. The pad is mapped to the PC keyboard so the game is playable.


  • Intense action – A fast-paced third-person shooter with all the depth, intrigue, and intensity of a science fiction classic.
  • Foot and vehicle based gameplay – Command highly powered armed vehicles and weapons, including transformable snow vessels.
  • Vast environments – Snowstorms, arctic winds, towering buildings and mountains of ice are all stunningly realized as battles occur above and below ground, creating a truly immersive and cinematic event of epic proportions.
  • Battle hordes of colossal Akrid.
  • Command heavily armored Vital Suits.
  • Intense 16 multiplayer action.
  • Enhanced DirectX 10 graphics.