You may receive error code 0x80004005 or other error codes when you try to start a Windows XP-based computer.

This post cans some work around for:

  • Error code 0x80004005
  • Error code 0x80090006
  • Error code 0x8009001d
  • Error code 0x80070002
  • Error code 0x8007007f or error code 0x8007007e
  • Error code 0x800705aa, error code 0x8007007e, and error code 0x80004005
  • Error code 0x800705aa, error code 0x80070002, error code 0x80004005, error code 0x800405aa, and error code 0x80090019
  • Error code 0x800703e7

This applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition


If you want to force activation in Windows XP again, rename the Wpa.dbl file and the Wpa.bak file

Consider the following scenario. You receive an error code that states that you must start Windows XP. However, you cannot start Windows XP. In this scenario you must rename the Wpa.dbl file to invalidate the Wpa.dbl file name. For example, change the name of the Wpa.dbl file to Wpa.dblinvalid. Then, change the name of the Wpa.bak file to Wpa.dbl.

Restore the Windows XP-based computer from a restore point by using the system recovery options. For more information about how to restore the system, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

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