Combat Arms was released July 11, 2008 by Nexon. The game was developed by Doobic Studios. Combat Arms is an online first person shooter.

Combat Arms is one of a number of similar titles.  CrossFire, Counter-Strike, Ghost Recon 2 and Call of Duty come to mind.

Combat Arms is a fast paced modern MMOFPS operating under the free to play banner.

Battle it out on numerous maps and many distinct game modes.  This game even has female characters available.

Earn new ranks and cash by winning matches and buy new guns, attachments and gear.

New players start with some cash but in Combat Arms guns are not permanent, they expire after a week or so.

All items purchased have a time length of anywhere from 1 to 90 days,(some weapons can be purchased for a permanent duration from the black market shop), after which the gear is deleted from the player’s inventory; however, players can buy most NX standard items for permanent with NX and can be extended with the Weapon Renewal Kit, and on the rare occasion, Gear Points.

There is 2 kinds of currency, the free GP and the paid for NX. The GP currency is free and earned by completing matches in game. Purchasing NX is optional and is not required for accessing the game.

The game works like some other online games with the use of rooms. These are moderated by an Elite.

The game also features clans which is the social aspect to the game.

Nexon keeps the game updated which helps maintain it popularity. Periodically a new map is released to add to the overall game experience.

With Operation: Canyon that game is now up to 42 maps. On top of that is another month of daily map releases.

Combat Arms has over 10 million registered users.

The game supports clans and friends lists typical of the genre.

There is one current official gaming league known as the World Online Gaming League that Nexon America sponsors, in addition to an upcoming league known simply as Combat Arms League.

The game features numerous ways to play. The one-man-army is the usual way a shooter is played.

Other modes include elimination, capture the flag, co-op, quarantine regen, elimination pro, search and destroy, seize & secure, spy hunt, bombing run, and hired guns.


Combat Arms is free to play. You can download the game here.

Its also available on Steam as a free download is select countries.

This game is multiplayer only.

We have noticed several hacks for this game. Even free to play is not immune.

The publisher has released numerous patches to secure the game and servers. They have also banned cheaters.