Furmark is popular 3D OpenGL based program that can be used to benchmark video cards or stress test them.

We have been using this program since it was released back in 2008.

Furmark uses a fuzzy donut which is rendered into a infinite path that is completely procedurally generated and built with OpenGL to accelerate the calculations. The fuzzy donut benchmark name seems to be more widely known than the proper Furmark make.

Furmark with its procedurally generated imagery preceded games by many years. Only by 2015 were games becoming more widely available with procedural capable engines.

The most recent version can be downloaded for free.

We noticed that EVGA used to discourage the use of Furmark. This is likely due to the fact that EVGA overclocks their cards relative to reference design.

When Furmark was first released we noted that ATI Radeon XP driver 8.8 was not able to successfully complete the tests. Later drivers were fixed.


See the page that features a graph of the relative performance of video cards.