The Zotac 8600 GT (ZT-86TEG2P-FSR) is a mid range NVIDIA based card with entry level gaming at the $149 price point.

This card is now in legacy support, 341.95 WHQL is the last driver released for the 8600 GT.

We also bought the Asus PhysX P1 card. Together we expected the 8600 GT and P1 card to provide modest gaming for at a few years.

The card was installed on the Asus M2NBP-VM CSM motherboard which was being assembled for gaming.

  • Unified shader architecture
  • GigaThread™ technology
  • Full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 10
    • Geometry shaders
    • Geometry instancing
    • Streamed output
    • Shader Model 4.0
  • Full 128-bit floating point precision through the entire rendering pipeline
  • High-definition H.264, VC-1, MPEG2 and WMV9 decode acceleration
  • HDCP capable
  • 2-way SLI capable

Using an adapter it’s easy to use this card with 1920×1080 panels for displaying HD video. The card is not nearly powerful enough however to play games at that resolution.

GeForce 8600 GTSGeForce 8600 GTGeForce 8500 GT
Stream Processors323216
Core Clock (MHz)675540450
Shader Clock (MHz)14501180900
Memory Clock (MHz)1000700400
Memory Amount256MB GDDR3256MB GDDR3512MB or 256MB DDR2
Memory Interface128-bit128-bit128-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)3222.412.8
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec)

Combined with the PhysX card, we were expecting that gaming would be reasonable with classic titles like Freelancer etc,

The 8600 GT is a mid range card so expecting it too play Xbox period games at 1280×1024 is reasonable. Some games may need to be played at a lower resolution. All LCD panels can do 640×480, 800×600 and 1024c768 in addition to higher resolutions.