Lenovo T500

I bought a Lenovo T500 with a 1680×1050 LCD display. The machine has a dual core 64-bit CPU so I can run the 64-bit version of Windows Vista.

This machine was expensive but it is the best portable machine available. The T500 is a real corporate workhorse. This machine is also sold widely to government departments who also need to secure platform.

The T500 is a desktop replacement class machine but I intend to use the machine in the field as it can run on batteries for a few hours. Working in the field generally needs the power unit to tag along.

The machine is very well made and I expect it will become obsolete long before it dies. The only real worry is the backlight is cold cathode which can yellow with age slightly.

The machine has a TPM chip and Vista Business can use that for the new Bitlocker whole disk encryption. Businesses and governments alike need security and Bitlocker is able to provide complete disk based encryption.

Bitlocker means a recycled machine does not need to have the disk removed. A fresh installation of a operating system will show free space is unallocated. Reading unallocated sectors will be unintelligible.

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