18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker was released on September 23, 2009 by ValueSoft. The game was developed by SCS Software. 18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker is a driving sim.

This will be the 7th release for the 18 Wheels of Steel series that started off way back on 2002.

This game is quite different from the previous installments as the whole concept was changed.

The player can no longer drive around in free roam unless they decide to go around the map during a delivery, but they can only pick a job offer from the selection menu. If the users have met its requirements of having multiple new trucks and accomplished deliveries they can get a new job.

The trucks and cars are modeled after real brands, although users can not own any vehicles through the game and are simply truck drivers seeking various jobs.


  • Haul extreme cargo – from diamonds to oil pipes – across 3 death-defying terrains.
  • Throw your weight around – jump behind the wheel of over 25+ unique rigs and 30+ types of loads.
  • Extreme Caution – Feel the power and adrenaline of driving terrains that no sane trucker would take on.
  • Extreme Locations! Travel across 3 hair-raising terrains including ice, dry desert and gnarly jungle.
  • Your life is on the line! Drive terrains that don’t forgive your mistakes – do the job well or you might die trying.
  • Extreme Loads! Transport loads that would even scare your grandma – maximum/minimum loads, oversized loads, high risk cargo and more!
  • These beasts don’t drive themselves! Back up to loading docks, manage your fuel, and maintain your trucks in peak condition.
  • Extreme Deadlines! Achieve the unachievable by delivering your loads under deadline.


This game is very undemanding as driving games have easy system requirements. The game is DX9.