Dragon Age: Origins was released on November 6, 2009 by Electronic Arts. The game was developed by Bioware. Dragon Age: Origins is a story rich role playing game.

The player takes on the role of Grey Warden, one of the last of a legendary order of guardians. With the return of an ancient foe and the kingdom engulfed in civil war, you have been chosen by fate to unite the shattered lands and slay the archdemon once and for all.


  • BioWare’s deepest universe to date with over 80 hours of gameplay and more than double the size and scope of Mass Effect
  • Travel throughout dozens of environments and fully immerse yourself in a shattered world that is on the brink of utter annihilation
  • An epic story that is completely shaped and reactive to your play style

The game has 6 different stories to play giving the player choice depending on their mood and disposition.  Issues like murder, genocide, betrayal, and the possession/sacrificing of children without the security of a good/bad slider to tell you what to do.

Overall this game is a real gem in the RPG genre. BioWare did an excellent job of debugging the game too.


Operating SystemWindows XP SP3 or better
CPUIntel® Core 2  or better
AMD Athlon64 or better
Memory1 GB or more
Hard Drive Space20 GB
Graphics HardwareNVIDIA® GeForce® 6600 GT or better
AMD Radeon™ x800 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

Playing Dragon Age: Origins with Windows Vista or higher will need more memory and as well as slightly better video card.

This game does not work well at resolutions above 1920×1080 as the text is not scaled etc.