Left 4 Dead 2 was released November 17, 2009 by Steam and EA. The game was developed by Valve. Left 4 Dead 2 is a coop horror shooter.

NB: you need to manually add vpk files to be associated with Steam. With explorer, find any vpk file and right click on it. The select open with and select steam.exe which will eliminate problems with Windows 10.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a modernized version of the older Left 4 Dead game. Like its predecessor, Left 4 Dead 2 emphasizes on cooperative gameplay. Left 4 Dead 2 is set at roughly the same time as the original – just after the outbreak that turned most of the population into various zombie mutants.

Players assume the role of 4 new “Survivors,” each with their own personality and new dialog. The game leads these “Survivors” through the southeastern region of the US – from Savannah, Georgia thru the bayou country, and climaxing in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

In the first maps of any campaign, the Survivors attempt to reach a safehouse, while the final stage requires the Survivors to call for rescue and either survive a prolonged onslaught until rescue arrives, pass through an especially challenging gauntlet of Infected to reach a rescue vehicle, or (in Dead Center and The Passing maps) collect and utilize fuel cans to enable their escape.

Each Survivor can carry up to one of each five categories of equipment. The main weapons are broken down into four tiers based on their availability and attributes. The game offers 9 different melee weapons and a like number of pistols, rifles and assault guns.

Molotov bombs burn zombies so they are a quick way to rack up additional kills. Spit is also able to attract large swarms of zombies which are then neutralized. Pipe bombs are timed to attract more zombies before they explode.

Left 4 Dead 2 contains about 7,800 unique lines of dialogue, a 40% increase over Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead 2’s dynamic gameplay is taken to the next level by giving the A.I. Director the ability to procedurally change weather effects, world objects, and pathways in addition to tailoring the enemy population, effects, and sounds to match the players’ performance.

The result is a unique game session custom fitted to provide a satisfying and uniquely challenging experience each time the game is played. Killing a lot of zombies with a sword obviously makes for a lot of blood. This game has settings for realistic which does make the carnage more messy.

Friendly fire means that players have to be careful not to hurt other players. While the game’s action can be very fast the overall precision needed. Players can crouch and then the player behind can fire as well making for an overall higher rate of firepower when defending against a large swarm of zombies.

Weapons are available in various places such as the back of a truck or in a side room. When ammunition is nearly out its helpful to grab a new fully loaded weapon. Pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails are also stashed in various places.

Movement around the game world is excellent as players can seamlessly move in and out of buildings as they search for zombies or guns etc. Maps are fairly good sized and players can move around them freely. Some buildings are boarded up but others have doors that can be opened and entered. Depending on the map, players may literally be climbing on roofs to evade zombies.

Doors can be broken by zombies which ads some sophistication to the game. Sometimes a ladder is needed to get over a barrier into another area.  Sometimes the player has to climb over a barrier. Left 4 Dead 2 definitely has a rich game world which is why this game is so popular.

The game will provide many hours of fun. The game has great internet play and there are lots of players ready to go. Each campaign is long enough not be boring. In total there are well over 30 different maps to play across 10 campaigns. In fact Left 4 Dead 2 has many new maps, and it has all of the maps from the the original game. The replay value of Left 4 Dead 2 game is excellent.

In 2014, 5 years on,  there are still many players who play Left 4 Dead 2 on any given day. Not many are willing to play on expert though.

There are a few glitches here and there but Valve does maintain the game and as they figure the problems they released updates, even more than 5 years after release day. One visible glitch is the blog notification in the menu when nothing has been posted for a long time.

Compared to most other shooters, L4D2 has more blood and gore by a considerable margin. For example the sword can decapitate a zombie or amputate an arm. This means the game engine has to change the zombie model depending on the amount of damage done. There is also a realism mode which is generally more blood and stacks of dead zombies.

The quick match feature is also uncommon. The game quickly matches up players so that as one leaves then another can take the slot. We like this feature a lot, no aggravation to get into the action. Many use the quick match as most do not mind jumping into an existing campaign game.


Special infected are more or less similar to boss characters seen in some games.They tend to hide is various random places so it’s important to watch for them.

  • The Boomer is a bloated infected that can spit vision-impairing bile on the Survivors, attracting hordes of infected, and explodes on death, spewing more bile in the immediate area. They emit burping and vomiting like sounds when close by. A 5-note double bass cue plays to signal Boomer.
  • The Hunter is an agile foe that can jump and pounce on a survivor, and then tear at his victim until he is knocked off, kills his prey or is killed. A hunter emits animal like screeches or light roars when close by, and a snarling growl can be heard when in close proximity. The Hunter is signaled by a startling high pitched piano cue.
  • The Smoker is a boil-covered creature with six long tongues that it uses to ensnare and drag a survivor back to himself. It may then either attack the survivor directly, allow the horde to attack him, or leave the survivor suspended over a cliff or roof-edge. The Smoker only releases its victim if a teammate shoves the ensnared survivor, if the tongue is shot, the survivor is killed, or upon the Smoker’s death, which results in an explosion that leaves a vision-obscuring cloud. Smokers have raspy voices and frequently wheeze and cough, presuming that they may have been an avid smoker before becoming an Infected. A 2-note low piano cue signals the Smoker.
  • The Tank is a gigantic, muscular infected that has the ability to swipe at survivors, knocking them off their feet and incapacitating them; it can also throw rocks and knock cars and other debris into the survivors. The Tank looks like its lower jaw is missing, but it’s actually hidden in its neck muscle. The Tank is the most durable of all the special infected, and requires the full support of all of the survivors in order to be killed. The Tank is accompanied by a booming orchestral score to signal his appearance.
  • The Witch is a female infected with long claws that stays crying in one spot. Survivors can often avoid the Witch but if they disturb her with light, loud noises or gunfire, she will become aggressive and charge at the one who “startled” her. Along with crying, an eerie choir tune plays when she is near. The Witch has the strongest attack of the infected in the game; able to kill a survivor outright with one blow on the hardest difficulty. As such she is not playable by human players in Versus mode.

The Tank is the hardest to kill requiring around 150 rounds from the combined fire of all players. The witch can be killed from behind with a shotgun at point blank range. The rest of the special infected are agile but easier to kill.


  • No Mercy
  • Crash Course
  • Death Toll
  • Dead Air
  • Blood Harvest
  • The Sacrifice
  • Dead Center
  • The Passing
  • Dark Carnival
  • Swamp Fever
  • Hard Rain
  • The Parish
  • Cold Stream (not officially part of the chronological timeline)

Each chapter takes about 30-60 minutes to complete. Typically there are 4-5 maps to each chapter.


Operating SystemWindows XP or better
CPUPentium IV 2.0 GHz or better
Memory2 GB or more
Hard Drive Space12669 MB
Graphics Hardware6600 GT or better
ATI x800 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required