The Dell HD3450 is the bottom of the line for AMD HD 3000 series.  The HD 3450 was released January 7, 2010.

  • 40 Stream Processors
  • 256 MB 64-bit DDR2
  • 594 MHz
  • PCI Express 2.1 x16
  • 100 GFLOPS
  • DirectX 10
  • CrossFire
  • D59 and S-Video HD ready
  • HDCP
  • Typical Power: 19 W

The HD 3450 features the a basic GPU which is fabricated at 55nm. This card is intended for multiple display system with its D-59 cable which supports a pair of displays. D-59 cables for VGA and DVI-I are available. Most likely S-59 HDMI cables will be available.

The GPU is rather small at 61mm². The small size means many more can be made for a given wafer which is typical at the low end of the range when compared to more expensive GPUs that are larger in size.

While this card uses very little power, we should point out that new power supplies are more efficient which can multiply the power savings. The low cost Corsair RM450 is rated 80PLUS gold while the more expensive AX860i is 80PLUS platinum. It may take over 20 years for EPA campaigns to have global effects as some computers are uses for decades, such as display systems.

Better value would be seen with more shader cores than VRAM. CrossFire is possible through the PCI Express bus but better value would be seen with a better card. Remember the old adage, twice nothing is still nothing. Shader cores matter much more than VRAM capacity.

For surfing the internet the browser does not need significant graphics performance. Many older games actually will run on even more modest VRAM configurations.

The HD 3450 also is ideal for a media center machine. Using our PA238QR the combination maintain the EPAET Gold rating. Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter is playable and can hold 60 fps most of the time at the game’s lowest settings. Better results would be seen with older Xbox or PS/2 period games.

At idle you can expect a temperature of 45-50°C but once pushed to 100%, the temperatures will rise to ~80°C. Even with Furmark running for the full 15 minutes did not cause the card to overheat. Our Corsair Carbide 300R has excellent air flow which unquestionably benefits this card immensely.

The heatsink for the HD 3450 is attached with thermal epoxy. Typically the thermal gradient is much better than the typical pad used with fan coolers. Artic MX-4 is about 8.5 W/mK and thermal epoxy can reach 20 W/mK.

The HD 3450 comes with a low profile bracket that is helpful for those who have a media center chassis with limited space.

Modern video cards that feature HDMI now routinely also feature integrated DH audio. Often a TV will drive the sound system so HDMI included audio in the cable specification. Older cards like our GTX 260s use a dongle to provide HDMI connectivity and a cable to the S/PDIF header on the motherboard. Lots of high-end display panels offer DisplayPort which has more bandwidth than HDMI.