196.21 WHQL

196.21 WHQL was released on January 19, 2010 for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

  • Adds SLI and multi-GPU support for many top new gaming titles including Avatar Demo, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, City Bus Simulator, Dirt 2, Ferrari Virtual Race, GREED: Black Border, Mass Effect 2, Mortal Online, Ninja Blade, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Demo, Planet 51, RUSE, Serious Sam HD, and Wings of Prey.
  • Upgrades PhysX System Software to version 9.09.1112.
  • Includes numerous other bug fixes.

Our 8600 GT has been running hard with recent drivers. The Athlon64 X2 4200+ has also been running warm suggesting the CPU cooler may be too small too.

Mostly we have been playing Freelancer and Halo.