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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was released March 2, 2010 by EA. The game was developed by EA Digital Illusion CE. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a first person shooter.

The tactical destruction introduced in the first Bad Company is taken to new heights in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and players could now take down entire buildings or create their own vantage points by blasting holes through cover, thereby delivering a unique dynamic experience in every online match.

While nominally a first-person shooter, the game follows the series by including controllable vehicles, including ATVs, APCs, tanks, and helicopters .

On foot, players are given access to the usual variety of real-world small arms such as assault rifles and machine guns. These is also a RPG available for engaging armor.

While on foot, players can jump, crouch, and sprint. They can carry one primary weapon and a pistol in multiplayer, or two primary weapons in single player, as well as grenades and other equipment.

Players can fire “from the hip”, but zooming in and using the weapon’s iron sights, reflex sight, or scope (depending on the weapon) will provide much better accuracy when shooting.

Bad Company 2 heavily emphasizes destructible environments. Large sections of most buildings can be destroyed by explosives; some walls and fences break down under barrages of bullets. The game’s physics engine realistically simulates the destruction. EA has worked hard to bring as much realism to the games as possible and the developers of the Frostbite engine has done an excellent hon with the artists.

Bad Company 2 features more blood not widely seen with the Battlefield series generally. Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 3 are the only other games that feature blood.

The story driven campaign is relatively smooth going, no real problems following the trail. The game is segmented by several cut-scenes. For most of the narrative, the player takes control of Preston Marlowe, one of the members of the titular “Bad Company”. The exception to this is the first mission, which is set prior to the rest of the campaign.

Each weapon in the campaign is considered a collectible, i.e. the first time the player picks up that type of weapon, a “Collectable Unlocked” message appears. There are also sensor stations throughout the campaign which the player can find and destroy which is also recorded in the campaign stats. “Supply Drop” crates are scattered throughout the missions, where the player can exchange weapons and replenish ammo. The Supply Drop crates will remember any weapon the player picks up and this weapon will then be available for the rest of the campaign.

Enemy combatants are relatively impervious to even heavy fire from an M60. Direct head hits do not kill, instead it takes several rounds to kill the enemy. This becomes worse at the harder levels. Helicopter gunships and armor make it even more difficult to fight as they are also unrealistically impervious. Rocket launchers are mounted leaving the player in peril if the enemy is not in sight.

The animation of tanks is also another weakness, in the first chapter, Operation Aurora, in a cut-scene, a column of Japanese armor moves past but the tracks do not move. Guess DICE does not have a tank animator on the payroll.


  1. Operation Aurora
  2. Cold War
  3. Heart of Darkness
  4. Upriver
  5. Crack in the Sky
  6. Snow Blind
  7. Heavy Metal
  8. Sangre de Toro
  9. No One Get Left Behind
  10. Zero Dark Thirty
  11. Force Multiplier
  12. Airborne

Each of the chapters is comparatively brief. Playing the game on the hardest setting took us about 12 hours to complete the SP mission. There are lots of automatic save points which is standard with shooters.


We has this game early on and for a time, EA was posting patches regularly to deal with the outstanding issues. A clean install from the DVD will download several updates.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2  uses either disk checks or internet authorization. It can be installed up to ten times on a limited number of machines and hardware configurations before the user must contact EA to reset their install count. Only the original purchaser can play online.

The PC version of the game is shipped on a single DVD-DL disks. The case is a standard video case that is now very popular with publishers and purchasers alike.


Players can also compete in 4-player teams in 2 exclusive squad-only game modes, fighting together to unlock exclusive team awards and achievements. Spawn on your squad to get straight into the action and use gadgets such as the tracer dart in conjunction with the RPG to devastating effect.

Multiplayer is class-based, with four classes: Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon. Each class has a variety of unique weapons and pieces of equipment, and serves a specific role in combat. There are also some weapons that can be used by any class, such as pistols and shotguns. Each class gains experience and levels up separately.

Excellence in the battlefield is rewarded with an extensive range of pins, insignias and stars to unlock along with 50 dedicated ranks to achieve. Variety also extends into the range of customizable kits weapons and vehicles available. With 4 distinct character classes, dozens of weapons, several gadgets and specializations, players have over 15,000 kit variations to discover and master. Players will be able to fine-tune their preferred fighting style to give them the edge in combat.


Reading several gaming forums, it has come to our attention that miscreants have managed to cheat the Bad Company 2 scoring etc. Many games have seen such abuses, but so far EA has not managed to correct the problem with Bad Company 2. Halo 2 for Windows Vista, another game we own has seen its fair share of abuses too. Microsoft ended up resetting everyone’s account when they patched the game.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam is an expansion pack for the game which takes place during the Vietnam War. It was released on December 18, 2010.


Uninstalling the DVD version game automatically revokes the key. We originally legally used a friend’s serial number, but we subsequently acquired the game with the Vietnam expansion included.


Operating SystemWindows XP or better
CPUCore 2 Duo or better
Memory4 GB or more
Hard Drive Space100 MB
Graphics HardwareGTX 260 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

This person has a fortune in hardware more than we have avaIlable.

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