Mass Effect 2 was released on July 26, 2010 by Electronic Arts. The game was developed by Bioware.Mass Effect 2 is an action role-playing game.

Players take on the role of Commander Shepard. Those with the original Mass Effect can import their existing character..Players can create a new on as well. The player then sets the forname, gender, appearance and experience.

Players can select from one six classes. Each has their unique characteristics. An infiltrator, for example, uses stealth and uses a long gun as a sniper etc.

The world of Mass Effect 2 is a galaxy map that the player can explore to find and complete quests.

Most quests consist of combat missions, but some involve the player interacting with local characters during visits to settlements.

As the player progresses throughout the game, different locations and new squad members become available. Experience points are gained by completing quests.


Mass Effect 2 has an extensive range of DLC available.

  • Firewalker Pack
  • Digital Art Books
  • Documentary
  • Soundtrack
  • Cerebus Art Projector
  • Cerberus Weapon and Armour
  • Normandy Crash Site
  • Zaeed The price of Revenge


Windows XP or better. Dual core CPU with 1GB memory.HD 2900 XT or 8800 GT or better.