HP Deskjet 500C

Inkjet printers use a cycle of cleaning to prevent the ink from blocking the fine nozzles. This uses a very small amount of ink and the printer uses a pad to make sure the head is clear.

The HP Deskjet 500C originally sold for $1095 as the first inkjet color printer. CYM printing meant the printer needed to replace cartridges 3 at a time. The printer had to use all three inks to approximate black. More recent printers added a black cartridge to meet consumer demands for better print quality..

Canon and HP are the main large corporate titans in the printer business. Both sell larger machines for corporates needs addition to mass market needs.

With small print cartridges this will lead to the printer exhausting its ink supply in 3-6 months. Larger cartridges survive longer. Ink refills are expensive pressuring the industry towards larger print tanks which could be marketed as being able to print larger volumes of documents.

Over time ink cartridges have become larger mostly to support larger printing jobs. The old Deskjet 500C was slow but it could print larger reports in color. The ink was slow to dry which was a real problem for the Deskjet 500C.


In Windows 8 and above it can be addressed in the settings and devices,. In Windows XP and Vista the printer is managed with the control panel. The test page is one sheet with color to show that the printer is working fine.


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