The Microsoft 850 Wireless Desktop Ensemble is a low cost keyboard and mouse package for basic use.

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-Bit Encryption
  • 2.4 GHz wireless delivers a reliable connection with up to a 15-foot range
  • Windows shortcut keys provide easy access to commonly used functions
  • Media keys for music and video control
  • Design is suitable for use with either hand
  • Optical Technology 1000 dpi provides responsive cursor control
  • Snap-in transceiver stows conveniently under the mouse

The keyboard is relatively useable. They keys work fine with a touch typist skill after some acclimation.

The keyboard has extra keys for handling media above the keypad areas. This is now very common with even the lowest cost hardware.

The keyboard also supports AES128 which protects the user from having the keyboard spied on.

The mouse uses a red LED for tracking. While not as sophisticated as more expensive blue track mice it does work fine on most desks without the need for a mousepad. With 1000 dpi, the mouse is very good for general use. The radio snaps easily into the bottom of the mouse for storage.

While aimed at desktop users, the Wireless 850 is equally at home with a laptop or tablet. It has also been tested with some TV boxes and as long as there is a USB port the 850 should work fine.

Keyboard: 2 AAA alkaline batteries (included), Mouse: 2 AA alkaline batteries (included). Keyboard: up to 15 months, Mouse: up to 8 months.


Microsoft has a firmware update for the 850 keyboard. Windows  will open a browser to download the firmware. Once the firmware is installed. thet batteries have to be removed to reset the keyboard and normal operation can resume.

Keyboards today have a more sophisticated CPU compared to the 8048 used in the original IBM PC keyboard. The old 8048 had 128 bytes of RAM and 1024 bytes of ROM.