We were able to obtain a better display adapter in September 2010. We procured a BFG GTX 260 from a private transaction. In the time that we have had the card we have been successful at defending it from bad drivers. BFG was also bankrupted by the 196.75 fisco so the lifetime warranty was moot. When retired the card was still completely functional and never ever overheated or crashed.

Fear is a powerful motivator given the expense of replacing 6 video cards. The GTX 260 cards are 10½” long which was hard to fit into out Cooler Master Storm chassis. There is room in my old HAF 932 which I had to repair yet again.

The person who provided the BFG GTX 260 had purchased three GTX 470 cards. The cards were being used for Folding at Home which was hitherto unknown.

The Corsair Carbide 300R was also procured which is known to have more room for long video cards.