Alien Breed 2: Assault was released on September 22, Team 17 who also designed the game.  Alien Breed 2: Assault  is an isomorphic shooter.

This is an immediate sequel to Alien Breed: Evolution. Conrad, Chief Engineer of the Leopold spacecraft, attempts to restart the engines of a hostile, alien-infested ghost ship that has crashed into his ship dragging them both towards the planet’s surface.

When this fails, the android Mia boards the ghost ship, and Conrad must escort her to the bridge where she can hack into the ship’s computers and restart the engines. Upon arrival, Mia finds that she must connect herself to the ship’s main computer.

Generally the game is st aboard a futuristic spaceship. In each level, the main character, Conrad, is set a series of tasks, such as collecting key cards, restoring power, or escorting innocents, which he must complete before finding that level’s exit in the form of an elevator.

Standing in his way are several different types of aliens who will attack him, usually en masse. Conrad can run and shoot in all directions (run and gun), and can collect a number of different weapons and items to aid him. The camera angle can be rotated manually in 45 degree increments which can be helpful at times.

There are also several data pads to collect, which provide information on the different alien species that Conrad encounters throughout the game, back story information on the game’s characters, and additional information on the game’s locations.

Overall the game has the same lack of variety in the maps which does take away from the experience.


This isomorphic shooter needs gaming grade DX9 class video card and a fast dual core processor.