I was awarded the Windows MVP in October 2010. This was in recognition of my outstanding abilities. I was able to achieve MVP status in a little over 2 years after joining the Microsoft forums.


In addition to the award I was also given a subscription to Technet and MSDN for one year. This provided me with licenses for Windows and other packages that I was able to learn more about.

Over time with more software to work with my abilities increased exponentially.

I have used every version of Microsoft Word for Windows since it was first released with a run-time for windows 1.1. Not longer after this Microsoft began to expand its productivity software with large scale purchases.

Microsoft Office started back with the 16-bit versions of Windows 3.0 and 3.1. Microsoft launched a new 32-bit version of Microsoft Office with the launch of Windows 95. Office 97 was very popular mostly as it was comprehensive and it ran well on even more modest machines.

Office 2000 was the first version that required activation. Previous versions were widely copied as there was no copy protection. I have a license for Office 2000 as well as Office XP, Both are now obsolete but they run fine even with Windows 7.

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