While the existing BFG GTX 260 is very powerful the move to 1920×1080 is more demanding than a single card can handle.

The used EVGA GTX 260 survived after replacing the thermal material. GTX 260 SLI was extreme but needed for gaming at 1920×1080.

EVGA does have a lifetime warranty but only to the original purchaser. The card shows overheating damage but the price was low and the card does work.

Both the BFG and the EVGA cards are the 2165 core variants of the GT200 logic. The GT200 is a powerful processors but higher resolutions can tax the shaders at the 626 MHz clock speeds.

The GTX 260 SLI should provide adequate performance for gaming, SLI is alternate frame rendering which for the most part can speed up DX9 games substantially.

So far not many DX10 games have surfaced as DX9 is very well entrenched. Redesigning game engines can be very demanding.