The Aroma hot water station is a common appliance in many Asian homes. The Aroma unit sells for $69.99 world wide.

Comparable models are abundant but the Aroma unit is less space consuming at under 16 inches tall.

Instant hot water affords fresh tea on demand. Here in Canada the Aroma unit can afford instant coffee on demand.

The Aroma hot water station has a lock button which prevents problems with safety. The dispenese button eliminates the manual pump seen with some coffee shops.

The model selected can hold 3 liters of water and it takes about 90 minutes to bring the water to 185°F which is perfect for tea and coffee.

Cleaning is simple. Unplugged it can be emptied if needed to clean the machine. In hard water areas adding some lemon juice to the water can eliminate scaling. This can then be removed and the unit cleaned.