Dirt 3 was released on May 24, 2011 by Codemasters who also developed the game,.Dirt 3 is an off-road driving simulator.

The game has role playing elements so that as the player develops their skill their career advances.

Flashbacks return from Colin McRae: Dirt 2, which can be used up to five times in any difficulty, but cost reputation points to use. A new gymkhana mode puts players in obstacle courses, challenging them to perform various tricks to earn points.

New with Dirt 3 are various party modes, involving events such as smashing wooden targets, spreading a zombie infection, and capture the flag. Other new features include a Hardcore mode which limits players to the cockpit view with no assists, the appearance of rain and snow,.

The car handling in Dirt 3 is more realistic than Dirt 2 as cars will drift differently based on whether they are front/rear/four-wheel drive. The car’s weight distribution will affect the amount of traction available in corners. Damage is more accurate as well.

Dirt 3 uses a stylized 3D menu system. Previous game releases used a more conventional menu system. Dirt 3 uses Ambisonics, Given cars are bouncing around it makes perfect sense with sounds from every angle.

The game even now allows uploading clips directly to YouTube.


The complete edition was released on February 9, 2012 which features the game and all DLC.

A new version was released in April 1, 2015 without GFWL on Steam.


Windows Vista or higher, dual core CPU with 2GB of memory. DX9 graphics. Game is 6.6 GB to download and 15GB installed.