After mastering Windows 7, I was able to achieve MVP status again. Windows 7 has been a big success for Microsoft as vast numbers of upgrades were installed and many more new machines sold.


Windows Vista never was very popular and machine vendors were so happy with Windows 7 that the industry reawakened with new product innovations.

I installed Windows Server 2008 on the old IBM PC 300 GL which has 768MB installed. Windows Server 2008 is the last of the 32-bit versions. All successive versions of Windows Server are now 64-bit.

It makes sense for Windows Server to be 64-bit given the workload some users impose. Web hostly is very undemanding but databases can be brutal. A lot of servers are starting to use SSD products for databases as they offer faster random access than any hard disk could ever dream of.

Windows Server has to compete with Linux which is also very capable. This competition lead to major developments that made the whole show better for everyone. Competition has been criticised but longer term it does lead to more ideas and some of them can be helpful.

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