Rage was released October 4, 2011 by Bethesda Softworks. The game was developed by idSoftware. Rage is a first person shooter.

The player is a survivor who is launched as an asteroid trashes the planet. After 106 years he is returned to the the earth when the equipment aboard his spacecraft is destroyed.

The id Tech 5 is likely to be featured in several upcoming games. Immediately this game will make you want to upgrade your rig. The game world is large so the 64-bit version should be played to be able to realize the excellent level of detail. While the game will run with a 512MB video card, a 4GB card will work much better along with an X8 processor.

We have played the campaign twice through in about 25 hours of game play. The 64-bit version, while unsupported, is the best option which allows the game to really come alive. With a modern elite video card the artwork in the game is excellent.

There is an obvious similarity between Rage and Borderlands after less than 5 minutes of game play. Both games are FPS titles with vehicular elements, set in a predominantly desert environment. Borderlands takes place on a different planet and Rage is set in the not-too-distant future after an asteroid smashes into the Earth and scatters some new mineral that appears to cause mutations everywhere.

Mad Max and the Australian outback seem to be a popular environment for many shooters as the number of textures needed is relatively limited. Emerging from the dropship, the player is saved by a person in a vehicle who hires him to eliminate a rival group. Payment includes looting corpses as well as amour when the rivals are eliminated. The initial wave can be killed with the fists which will save in ammo which is in short supply. Caution is needed as bandage packs are also in short supply.

The first wave are melee attacks that can be repelled with the fists to save ammo. After several kills enemies with firearms appear. Cover is needed to reload or use a bandage pack. It can take several bullets to kill one of the bandits so rapid switching from the pistol to melee is the best strategy to conserve ammunition. There are different types of ammunition available at various costs, which makes the melee more useful.

Your character moves at moderate speed with the option to sprint for a limited time, at which point you start panting and resort to regular speed. This is more realistic compared to most other games. There are several types of ammunition available for each weapon, to allow the player to further customize his or her player style. As an example, the crossbow’s primary ammunition is metal bolts, but it also can shoot electrified bolts, explosive bolts, and more.

You can buy and sell items that you pick up or win. Looting the dead provides a wide variety of items. The player can also find many items around the game world. These can be hidden from plain view so its important to explore the game world–carefully.

The game makes use of an ATV at the start until a dune buggy is acquired. Then the player races for earnings to be able to buy upgrades and weapons.

There are a variety of vehicular events for the player to participate in, including races and checkpoint rallies. Racing events may or may not have opponents, and some of them are armed races while others are not.

Rage runs on a brand new engine capable of displaying huge vistas and great levels of detail, allowing the famous studio to move away from dark, dank corridors and enclosed environments. This game does not use a destructive environment like some of the popular war games but the graphics in Rage are superior. It appears that Rage has an unlimited inventory system as we tried accumulating items and we have not encountered any problems. There several shops to do business at too. The game is nominally open world as there is no real scripted gameplay typical of old style shooters.

The artwork used in town is much more complex than older games. Over time the trend for more and more realistic artwork create lots of work for 3D Studio artists. Character interactions are also richer giving the game a more engaging experience. The judicious use of tessellation along with a complex game world are the main features of the new engine.

Rage makes extensive use of textures which drives the need for more VRAM. The trend is for use of more decals to enliven the game world.


Into the campaign there is a ogre boss that you have to fight using a rocket launcher. There is an ammo dispenser that you can use to reload, but the ogre is only vulnerable at certain points.

Right click with the rocket launcher will show you the area that is colored blue as the target. These are on the abdomen as the ogre throws more concrete at you and then on its head when he attacks the balcony you are on. It can take a lot of hits to kill the ogre so expect to have to restart the effort several times. You need to make every shot count to get past the ogre.


Operating SystemWindows 7 x64 or better
CPUCore i5-6500 or better
Memory8 GB or more
Hard Drive Space21798 MB
Graphics HardwareNVIDIA™ GeForce® 8800 GT or better
AMD Radeon® HD 4200 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

We found this game performed poorly with the standard 32-bit engine and it’s very demanding at 1920×1080. We have played 64-bit version this game on the GTX 260 SLI which ran better than the 32-bit could handle. The GTX 690 was the best card for the 64-bit version as the game seemed to come alive. Clearly everyone is spinning their wheels with 32-bit so the time is now to modernize.