The new Seagate ST3000DM001 is high capacity 3TB disk with 500GB on each side of 3 plates.

Operating at 7200rpm, the ST3000DM001 manages to reach 120MB/s of bandwidth. Seagate decided that the performance loss of moving to 5900RPM wasn’t justified by the power savings. It believed that by introducing a more power efficient 7200RPM drive it could deliver the best of both worlds,

  • Ideal for everyday desktop and computing storage
  • 1TB per platter
  • 3TB capacity stores 360 HD video, or 600,000 photos, or 750,000 songs
  • 64MB DDR2-800 RAM
  • 7200rpm
  • 2 year warranty

Backblaze has removed ST3000DM001 disks from service after they found them to have high level of failure. We also have noticed a class action over the higher than expected failure rates. This disk is not designed for RAID use and it may be the reason that Backblaze experienced problems. Consumer disks are not designed for the workload seen in data centers. We are aware that Backblaze has stopped using this model of hard disk.

We continue to use our ST3000DM001-1ER116, and it has not been a problem after over 11,000 power on hours. Some disks we have are over 30,000 power on hours and they continue to function.

Flooding in Thailand was responsible for rapid shortage of hard disks after factories were destroyed. The tragic flooding in Thailand began in August 2011 and by early-October had submerged houses, schools and factories. Prices for hard disks spiked 200-300% and hard disks were hard to find for more than 12 months.