The PNY GTX 690 XLR8 is a dual CPU video card. The GTX 690 has a MSRP of $999.

pxy-gtx-690 small
  • Dual GK104-355-A2
  • PLX PEX 8747 PCIe switch
  • 8 SMX x2
  • 1536 CUDA x2
  • 128 TMU x2
  • 32 ROP x2
  • 28 nm
  • 3,540 million transistors
  • 905 MHz base clock
  • 1058 MHz boost clock
  • 3.31 TFLOPS x2
  • 2048 MB x2
  • 1502 MHz memory
  • 256-bit memory
  • DVI-I, DVI-D, mini DP
  • 2x 8-pin PCIe power
  • 300W TDP
  • 11″ dual slot
  • limited lifetime warranty with product registration

The GTX 690 is a dual CPU card made from a pair of GTX 680 cards mounted on one larger logic board. Realistically a 750W or larger PSU is strongly recommended. The Corsair TX850V2 is sufficient to handle such an extreme video card.

The dual GPU card is recognized as SLI in the driver and select games can take advantage of the dual cards and increase rendering performance significantly.

The GTX 690 is so powerful that it has enough performance to handle more than the 1920×1080 LCD that is now becoming more mainstream.

While the GTX 690 has a maximum boost of 1058 MHz the typical best seen is about 1019 MHz in use. Even with a high air flow chassis the heat is a big limiting factor.