Origin: Prelude formerly called Dino Horde  was released May 4th, 2012 by Spiral Game Studios. The game was developed by Spiral Game Studios. Origin: Dino Horde is a coop hybrid first and third person shooter.

Back in 2012 this game was on Steam as Dino Beatdown. IT has been updated several times and the latest installment. Its been worked on by a few different developers as time as gone on.

“In short, it is both a sequel AND an update (to existing owners of Dino Beatdown) who receive a upgrade to the new game for free (as a digital thank you letter) for their support and understanding during Dino Beatdown’s embarrassing launch”.

The game has been changed a lot since the days of Beatdown. From the original 3, it has been updated to 10 different dinosaurs. 4 of which are playable in a game mode.

There is now a range of some 50 weapons so clearly this game is still under active development. You’ve got your standard pistols, machineguns and shotguns and then you get your rocket launchers, laser guns and heavy weapons. Each class has their own special abilities like Jetpacks, cloaking and healing beams, all which can be augmented to be more effective. Sentry guns are another new addition to the game.

Depending on the play, generators and other structures need to be protected. This is the play we have experienced for this review.

There are also vehicles to drive while another operates the gun. There is also a passenger seat, but the weapon is limited to the angle as is typical in most games.

The game world is relatively large but enough dinosaurs are placed into the game that there is no need to wander far.

Best bet is to stick close to one another, as the larger dinosaurs take a lot of rounds to kill.

Dueling and Melee Combat are now available inside of ‘ORION: Dino Horde’. There are three duel game modes (Duel, FFA Duel, Team Duel) and it has support for 2-10 players across 15 multiplayer arenas.