The Western Digital blue series are low cost disks for desktop computers. The Blue series more or less consoled the Green series into one lineup.

  • Reliable everyday computing. WD quality and reliability
  • Free Acronis true image WD edition cloning software
  • Massive capacities up to 6 TB available
  • 2-Year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • SATA III 6 Gbps
  • error rate of 1015
  • 4096 bytes per sector
  • perpendicular media recording
  • 3.5″ desktop hard disk
  • 4″ by 1″ standard hard disk format

There is an extensive range of models for the WD blue series. This table shows all of the models along with RPM, cache size and MSRP. These disks are popular for secondary storage for photos, movies and TV show. The advanced format 4K sectors are natively supported with Windows 7 and better,

For select products, Western Digital has published RPM speed within a “class” or “performance class” for numerous years rather than publishing specific spindle speeds. The reason for this is due to the larger number of sectors at the outermost tracks compared to the smaller number of innermost stracks.

Acoustic analysis by some reviewers seem to be misguided. The only real acoustic value that matters it net noise. The WD blue series are slightly noticeable for head movement and the platters can be a bit noisy when spinning down.

The WD blue series are lower cost by design for world markets which are more price sensitive. The blue series are also best off for a media library but they are fast enough to be used for a system disk if a SSD is not available.

The WD Blue offer advanced power management which can save a few pesos on the power bill. Still the 7200 rpm models offer better performance.

WD2500AAKX7200 rpm16 MB$29.99
WD5000AZLX7200 rpm32 MB$36.99
WD5000AZRZ5400 rpm64 MB$36.99
WD5000AAKX7200 rpm16 MB$36.99
WD10EZEX7200 rpm64 MB $44.99
WD10EZRZ5400 rpm64 MB $44.99
WD20EZBX5400 rpm256 MB$59.99
WD20EZRZ5400 rpm64 MB$59.99
WD20EZAZ7200 rpm256 MB$59.99
WD30EZAZ5400 rpm256 MB$69.99
WD30EZRZ5400 rpm64 MB$69.99
WD40EZAZ5400 rpm256 MB$99.99
WD40EZRZ5400 rpm64 MB$99.99
WD60EZAZ5400 rom256 MB$129.99

Some older model disks are EIDE and are not shown on this table. EIDE is now an obsolete technology and SATA is the format looking forward, SATA is also much faster so it can leverage larger cache sizes. SATA was introduced in 2000 so any machine in the last decade or so will be 100% SATA.

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