I have now been awarded my third MVP. Windows 8 has become a hot button change in the operating systems.

With lower costs of touch screen displays and the new tablet computers, Microsoft wanted to get a piece of the action.

The problem is that spanning the desktop to the tablet and phone is a pretty tough act to pull off.

We use Apple phones and their operating system is designed for mobile use. Their laptops are still using the same design as historical.

Apple simply has integrated the mobile devices with iTunes and the new iCloud services. This makes it easy for any machine with a browser to interact with documents. Notes on a phone can be edited with a browser and they are ready to use on the phone or tablet.

Windows is a large operating system so stuffing it into a low cost phone is hard to do. Even with a 32GB device it is still squeeze. Windows also needs at least 2GB of RAM to breath but low cost devices with 1GB perform poorly.

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