WDC Blue series hard disks are aimed at the entry level market segment. Disks up to 1TB are standard perpendicular recording and larger disks may be drive managed shingled recording or perpendicular depending on the specific models.

  • Reliable everyday Computing
  • Wd quality and reliability
  • Free Acronis True Image WD Edition cloning software
  • Massive capacities up to 6TB available
  • 2-Year manufacturer’s limited warranty
WD60EZAZ54006 TB256 MB
WD60EZRZ54006 TB64 MB
WD50EZRZ54005 TB64 MB
WD40EZRZ54004 TB64 MB
WD30EZRZ54003 TB64 MB
WD20EZAZ54002 TB256 MB
WD20EZRZ54002 TB64 MB
WD10EZRZ54001 TB64 MB
WD10EZEX72001 TB64 MB
WD5000AZRZ5400500 GB64 MB
WD5000AZLX7200500 GB32 MB

WD Blue internal hard drives deliver reliability for office and web applications. They are ideal for use as primary drives in desktop PCs and for office applications.

For select products, Western Digital has published RPM speed within a “class” or “performance class” for numerous years rather than publishing specific spindle speeds. The reason for this is due to the larger number of sectors at the outermost tracks compared to the smaller number of innermost stracks.

Acoustic analysis by some reviewers seem to be misguided. The only real acoustic value that matters it net noise. The WD blue series are slightly noticeable for head movement and the platters can be a bit noisy when spinning down.

A decade ago when green series disks came to the market the performance was considered poor performing but the class of disks are best for data such as a media library.

The WD blue series are lower cost by design for world markets which are more price sensitive. The blue series are also best off for a media library but they are fast enough to be used for a system disk if a SSD is not available.