SimCity  was released March 5, 2013 by Electronic Arts. The game was developed by Maxis. SimCity is an urban planner simulation.

The 2013 release of SimCity is a reboot of the wildly popular classic franchise. A decade ago this franchise saw over a dozen CDs released.

In SimCity, the player is given the task of founding and developing a city, while maintaining the happiness of the citizens and keeping a stable budget.

The player must define zones, each having limits on the kind of development that can occur there.

The player (acting as mayor) is given a blank map to start with, and must expand their city with the budget they have.

Development of the zones is not performed directly by the player, but happens when certain conditions are met, such as power supply, adequate transport links or acceptable tax level.

There’s no real end state, no way to win. SimCity aficionados have been know to play or many hours constructing huge metropolises.

Eventually players ran out of room. The game does not end and its possible to accumulate enormous amounts of wealth.

Many resources in the game are finite. Some are renewable, such as ground water.

Players can create a settlement that can grow into a city by zoning land for commercial, industrial, or residential development, as well as building and maintaining public services, transport and utilities.

Different from previous SimCity titles, each type of zone (residential, commercial, and industrial) is not divided into density categories.

Instead the density of the roads next to them determines the type of buildings that will be created there.

This means that there is only one of each zone type, and density of the buildings are determined by the density of the roads.

The game audio tracks what is nearby as a player moves about.

The soundtrack is also modernized and different compared to the classic games.


Cities of Tomorrow is an expansion for the original game. When installed the game launches as SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow. Cities of Tomorrow is both a good expansion to the core game and a perfect entry point for a newcomer.

Many other improvements include OmegaCo which provides a whole new way to play the game.

Cities continue to be compatively small, the old SimCity 2000 game world is easy as large as the 2013 version.

MegaTower economics are also hard to get a handle on. They’re awfully hard to fit into a budget so players need to focus.