The Motorola SBG6782 is an advanced Cable Gateway. The MSRP is $199.99. This model is also sold under the Arris brand.

  • 8X Faster than DOCSIS 2.0
  • Download speeds up to 343 Mbps
  • DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
  • 8 download & 4 upload channels
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols
  • Compatible with all U.S. Cable Providers
  • 3X Faster than Wireless N
  • Wi-Fi speeds up to 1800Mbps
  • 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi beamforming – max coverage & performance
  • 2.4/5.0 GHz Dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi
  • MoCA 1.1 access point
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports

The SBG6782 is widely seen with several cable TV operators to provide internet service. The unit is rather bulky but it is solidly built.

On the back the Motorola SBG6782-AC has four Gigabit LAN ports for connecting wired clients and one coaxial F connector to connect to a cable TV line-in.

The biggest feature the SBG6782 provides is separate SSIDs for 2.4 GHz operation and 5 GHz operation. 2.4 GHz is very congested so moving to 5 GHz provides fare more clean channels.

There is support for 20 MHz and 40 MHz channels but it lacks support for wave 2 802.11ac 80 MHz or 160 MHz channels.

The 802.11n and 802.11ac standards call for automatic channel selection which is only available at 2.4 Ghz and the SBG6782 does not offer it for 5 Ghz operation.

There is also support for dynamic DNS service, port-forwarding, reserved IP address, and so on, for those wanting to run multiple servers and remote applications on the network. The feature set is comparatively basic.


Shaw which operates cable TV and internet in western Canada uses this modem with custom firmware. The result is an n300 box down from ac1750.

This means using a NAS at home for a media server may experience poor performance due to the firmware bugs. Even streaming audio from the internet fails regularly.


Periodically the Motorola SBG6782-AC internet service stops working. To restore service the unit needs to be power cycled. Allow 90 seconds in the power off state for the unit to cool a bit etc. It takes about 60-90 seconds for the internet service to be restored.