Dementium II HD was released August 8, 2013 by Digital Tribe. The game was developed by Memetic Games. Dementium II HD is a survival horror shooter.

Dementium II HD is a PC port of a Nintendo DS game of the same name, just without the whole HD thing, it claims to be a survival horror game and it succeeds in the horror part by being a clunky horrific mess of a game with very few redeeming qualities.

The gameplay itself is a minimal interaction FPS with a real horror theme. Disturbing Images of gore and violence manage to evoke a real disturbing feel considering its blocky graphics.

The visage of doctors and patients alike fade in and out of these nightmarish visions of tortured memories. This eggshell reality is fractured by experiments conducted in the ward. Blood, flesh and screams surround as you put together the pieces of your story and make your escape from the Bright Dawn Treatment Center while the dark doctor watches on in amusement. You are William Redmoor and your life is about to become a living hell.

Dementium II HD is the resurrection of the award winning handheld cult favorite rebuilt with all the classic gameplay while providing updated visuals, lighting and refined controls. Same Bones. New Flesh.

The game is rather clunky for the typical PC survival horror. Aim is off too, which is needs work on too. When the player jumps the sound of bones breaking seems a tad off the mark. This game seems to have most of the issues fixed.


  • Classic gameplay that balances the Action, Story and Puzzle elements into an unforgettable horror experience.
  • Fight through unique enemies that require different strategies to defeat the nightmares, or to simply survive
  • Twisted storyline that keeps you guessing throughout the entire game.
  • Multifunctional weapons that take out the enemies and grant access to new areas.
  • New ghostly creatures haunt Pelf Village that will chill you to the bone.
  • Steam achievements, Cloud Save and Controller support