Tactical Intervention was released October 8, 2013 by 1337 Games. The game was developed by FIX Korea. Tactical Intervention is a coop horror first person shooter. The game was released 2 years ago as a beta.

Looks like Korea wants to get into the shooter biz, and what better than to provide a tactical shooter. Korea has a lot of experience with tactical situations.

Tactical Intervention is a Free to Play tactical FPS with unique mechanics. Drive, bomb, rappel and shoot your way through eleven high octane levels.

Command attack dogs, deploy breaching charges, perform drive-bys and control hostage situations!

The game is undemanding which will make it popular with those with more modest rigs.

This game evokes the gameplay of the classic Counterstrike from 10 years ago.

Some unusual features like hijack a car to take part in an intense highway chase; unload your high-powered Gabard shotgun at the VIP while leaning out the window, as your opponents scramble to protect him. Take out the covering helicopter with a well-placed shot from an RPG while you handbrake turn to broadside your target.

You will want to have a headset for this game so that team players can help coordinate their movements.

The game has lots of maps to play on, we counted 14 on the developer’s site. We also noted a huge range of weapons.

Lots of other items making this game a bit like Rage.


  • 14 different maps
  • Created by Minh Gooseman Le, co-creator of the original Counter-Strike.
  • Dozens of authentic weapons with true-to-life statistics including the P90, AK47, Uzi and M4.
  • New items for new tactics including attack dogs, riot shields, breaching charges and night vision.
  • Unique combat situations
  • Use hostages as shields, rappel down buildings, engage in a high speed chase, and many more.
  • Fully customizable load-outs with hundreds of options allow you to be ready for any situation.
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