No More Room in Hell was released October 31, 2013 by Steam. The game was developed by No More Room in Hell Team. No More Room in Hell is a coop horror first person shooter. The game was released 2 years ago as a beta.

We noted the game was released on Halloween which seems suitable given the horror nature of No More Room in Hell.

No More Room in Hell is a coop shooter not unlike Left 4 Dead 2 or similar games. No More Room in Hell is a mod of the old Half Life 2 maps with zombies as the target. The game is stand alone, it no longer requires Half-Life 2 to be present. The team now is using the Steam SDK which makes mods more viable as a stand-alone title.

The game started out as a zombie mod for the popular Half Life 2 game starting back in 2003.

You can download the game for free from . Game is very undemanding.

Weapons and ammunition are in short supply. A metal wrench may be used in a melee but guns make it easier. A lot of work is needed to be sure ammo caches are found. Care to with several zombies as the melee weapon is slow to wield and the player can be overwhelmed.

The chances of you surviving this all out war of society and the undead are slim to none. Already, there are millions of the walking dead shambling about, searching for food to eat. There’s no known cure. One bite can possibly end it all for you.

However, you aren’t alone in this nightmare. There are still a handful of uninfected survivors left in this god forsaken hellhole, and with co-operation and teamwork, you may live long enough to fight your way to salvation.


  • Co-operative play with up to eight players.
  • Dynamic Objective Maps: The next play through may not be the same like the last!
  • Survival Mode: Defend and maintain your shelter against the undead in the hopes of getting extracted to a safe area.
  • A realistic approach: In short, no crosshairs and HUD. In addition, ammo and weapons are extremely scarce. With that in mind, aim down your sights and shoot for the head!
  • Multitude of different opponents: Ranging from the iconic “walking zombie” to the more contemporary “runners”, NMRiH will keep you on your toes with a mix of dangerous foes to face down. However, the most dangerous enemy may not always be the walking dead…
  • Infection: One bite may be what it takes to bring you down. If infected, you must decide if you want to alert your team to rid you of your burden, or to keep quiet in the hopes of finding a cure…
  • 34 weapons and counting, ranging from the diminutive .22 Target Pistol, to the almighty Chainsaw.
  • Powered by Source


The game includes a map editor they call the Hammer. This is intended to find more community involvement.

With the widely available map tools, its possible that the game may have to download several until more popular ones emerge as the ones everyone play on.


Horror shooters are generally rated M due to the extreme nature of the combat.