The Gaming Evolved App (GEA) is AMD’s attempt to bring another value add feature to the Radeon brand. And although AMD will never explicitly say this, to be more specific the GEA is clearly intended to counter NVIDIA successful GeForce Experience utility, which exited beta back in May 2013 and has been continuing to add features since.

The newer versions of AMD Gaming Evolved now works properly. It recognizes almost all of the games we have, which is drastically better than NVIDIA’s rival GeForce Experience. Obviously a lot of developers are working on this program.

The games list is narrower than Steam. We would like to see those lists dynamic so that larger collections of games are less problematic. Origin uses a box cover view and this is very favorable as the sizes are widely changeable.

The shadow recording capability does not seem to be working. Given it arrived with a beta suggests it may be delivered in the future.

AMD offers a free to play menu which is well stocked with games which differentiates it from the rival GeForce Experience.

We recommend not installing the software. We noticed the Raptor.com site is now dead and the server shows it to be crashed.