Tom Clancey’s Ghost Recon Phantom (GRP) was released January 14, 2014 by Ubisoft. The game was developed by Ubisoft Singapore.  GRP is a 3rd person shooter.

This game has closed as of December 1, 2016.

This game got started back in 2011. After some console consideration, UBI abandoned it and stuck with the PC and the free to play model.

On 6 September 2012, the game’s producer stated that “as of right now, the entire Ghost Recon team is focused on the PC version only”. This means PC gamers have a new exclusive title.

Originally the game was titled Ghost Recon Online, but in April 2014 they changed it to Ghost Recon Phantoms. With the change came a large 1.1 GB update to the core game.

The game is presented in the 3rd person view which is increasingly common today. We would like the option for switching from first person to 3rd person in all action games. We have Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter which is a conventional first person shooter.

Three classes of player are available: Assault, Recon and Specialist.

The game servers assemble a squad that then engage in combat. The beginner level features 16 players, red vs. blue. This is the trainer segment of game.

After the training you will be able to afford 2 guns, so its important to select the the right ones.

The game presents a stage where is virtually impossible to play without a purchase. You definitely need a headset configured as this game depends heavily on teamwork. Like Left 4 Dead 2, GRP wants all the players to the assembly point before moving to the next map. We have the Microsoft LX-3000 USB headset which fine comfortable for gaming long hours at a time.

Anyone who has had a hard time after reaching level 5 on a free account should try again, it’s really not that hard. Spending some $ for weapons or armor is one way to fast track progress. Playing Rambo style is not going to work. The P2W mentality of many F2P games are the same, the player can grind their way forward.

GRP features a persistent leveling system that allows your soldiers to gain access to a wider range of abilities, weapons, and equipment as you gain experience. Each class: Recon, Assault and Specialist can progress and gain levels independently from one another, and any of your soldiers can be chosen at any time from the lobby to participate in a match, regardless of their current level. The problem is balancing the various players who may have purchased weapons for the beginner stage vs. the F2P players who are still prospective P2W players.


  • Free-to-play and download on PC
  • 3rd person team-based tactical shooter
  • 16-player firefights and clan matches
  • Convenient clan and fireteam creators
  • Multiple game modes and maps Intuitive squad systems
  • Dozens of weapons and unlockable equipment
  • Ladder rankings and player statistics