The AMD Fuel Service is a Windows System Service that manages the CPU and GPU throttles to provide power savings. “fuel.service.exe” is the program file name. It runs as a system service.

Disabling this will run the CPU and GPU at maximum clocks continually. This interfaces with the BIOS and VBIOS to operate the AMD Cool and Quiet service.

This service integrates with Windows power options  generally. The AMD fuel service uses 3 MB of memory which is comparatively insignificant.

Recall that divers now have several layers in the graphics subsystem to work with . DXGI works below the DX  2D  and 3D API which is why system services are now needed to pass through to the DXGI which then passes through to the WDDM .


We have noticed some reports that the AMD fuel service has stopped working. Messages such as “AMD fuel service has stopped working”  are typical.

It’s often a sign that the drivers are corrupted. Generally uninstalling the driver, rebooting and installing the driver fresh will fix the problem.

You can check to see if the video card is properly down-clocking with GPU-Z. CPU-Z can show if the CPU is down-clocking properly too.

Sometimes it may be necessary to use DDU and removed the driver and install the latest one clean.