We use a desktop machine for PC gaming and we have several hard disks installed. Modern hard disks are now big enough to handle several hundred games. Games have grown bigger which pushes capacity limits.

Many gaming enthusiasts have purchased SSD products. These tend to be lower in capacity.

So given everything wants to be installed to the system disk, Steam has added the capability to use secondary and tertiary disks. Steam even has the capability to move the game intrinsically.


First, select the Downloads from the Steam settings.


The Steam library can allow several disks to be used as needed to handle all your game downloads. Add more if you have additional disks installed in your rig.

As the screenshot shows, the size of installed games is shown for each disk. Modern disks are now large enough to handle lots of games, but SSD capacity is still somewhat limited. We have several games install on each of several hard disks.

Before you can move a game, you need to have more than one Library folder. The move capability enumerates known library folders to create the menu; when there is only one, it disables the button completely.


To move a game, right click on the game and select properties. Then chose local files. When there is more than a single library folder you can now see the choice to move a game. Small games are not a big problem. Games like Grand Theft Auto V are much larger,.

You can move a game to any alternate library folder. With 2 or 3 disks its possible to have hundreds or even thousands of games installed.

Our Corsair Carbide 300R has room for 4 disks so it’s possible to have 4 library folders. The larger 750D has more disk bays but a PCI Express controller card would be needed to be able to install more high capacity disks. We have seen low cost cards with 8 SATA III ports for the most extreme needs.

Recent 10TB hard disks can handle even the largest Steam libraries easily. When used beside a 4TB SSD, the combo makes for a fabulous gaming platform.