Rise of Nations: Extended Edition was released June 12, 2014 by Microsoft Game Studios. The game was developed by Big Huge Games and Skybox Labs. Rise of Nations: Extended Edition is an isometric sandbox strategy game.

The 2014 version of the game has fewer nations compared to the original that can be played but it does allow the game to start at one of 5 different time frames. The game now also works with widescreen panels properly but the updated game remains roughly the same easy system requirements.

In the single player game the player can build an object only within their own or allied territories. Territory can be expanded by building additional cities. The game uses a series of research levels that can be increased with the library.

Cities are critical to winning the game. Once the enemy capital is conquered, any surviving cites change allegiance.

Opponent nations can attack the player’s nation forcing a defense. This can lead to attrition of resources.

Citizens can be used to gather resources or to build objects.

There are six resources in Rise of Nations, five of which (Food, Timber, Metal, Oil, and Wealth) are used mostly to build units and buildings. The sixth resource, Knowledge, is used for researching advances in the game.

Multiple citizens can gather some resources while others are limited to a single person. Citizens can be moved in a group from one resource to another so that needed materials are available more quickly.

The library is used to increase certain attributes, gone is the movement through the ages. Cities no longer increase in size with development, so the borders do not expand. The original game offered a larger city model with sufficient resources attached.

Mistakes early on in a campaign can have a negative effect on the outcome. The outcome is very sensitive to strategy. Build cities close to resources. The game is sophisticated enough to be a real challenge. It can take over 20 hours to conquer the world.

The game has a new component called the Senate that was added to the original game. The other components such as a fort and tower are still present.


Operating SystemWindows Vista or better
CPUCore 2 Duo or better
Memory1 GB or more
Hard Drive Space3 GB
Graphics HardwareIntel HD 3000 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required