Double Action: Boogaloo was released October 23, 2014 by Double Action Factory. The game was developed by Double Action Factory. Double Action: Boogaloo is a online twitch action shooter.

The free to play game, Double Action is a stylish multiplayer game about diving, flipping, and sliding your way into action movie mayhem.

Double Action is a no-holds-barred battle royale interspersed with objectives to survive checkpoints, capture the briefcase full of money, and hunt down the wanted criminal.

Imagine doing a backflip off some dude’s face, then diving through a window, gold-plated pistols firing in slow motion. There’s an explosion behind you and somebody’s stolen your briefcase full of money.

The vindicator gun is probably the most extreme weapon. It racks up more frags as it can kill with one shot.

Game play involves sliding around a bit like Bulletstorm, or leaping out windows and across a street.

The game features a slow motion action, not unlike the way it works in Alien Swarm.

The game also allows player to dual wield weapons, something that is not very common in games.

Overall this game is a surprisingly fun game to play. Because it uses the Source SDK the game has good physical capability and the player has to run and jump a lot..


  • The Sentinel 9* – A 9mm pistol
  • The Stallion .45* – A .45 caliber pistol
  • The Undertaker – A 9mm sub-machine gun
  • The Mac Daddy – A .45 caliber sub-machine gun
  • The Persuader – A combat shotgun
  • The Vindicator – A fully-automatic rifle
  • The Black Magic – A burst-fire rifle
  • Your Fists – They pack a mean punch
  • The High Explosive Grenade – For when all else fails