Dragon Age: Inquisition was released November 18, 2014 by Electronic Arts. The game was developed by Bioware.  Dragon Age: Inquisition is a massively multiplayer role playing game.

The game can be played third person or as a isometric strategy game.

We have awarded Dragon Age: Inquisition with game of the year for 2014.

When the sky opens up and rains down chaos, the world desperately needs heroes. Become the savior of Thedas in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

You are the inquisitor who must face difficult decisions. Thedas is a land of strife.

The player has to choose a race for their player character with Qunari playable for the first time. Combat focuses on the player’s ability to prepare, position, and form a cohesive team with their party members.

Tactical view returns for all five platforms in Dragon Age: Inquisition, whereas before it was exclusive to PC in Dragon Age: Origins, and was removed entirely in Dragon Age II. As front-line fighters, warriors create an opening for deadly ranged assaults. Then there are mages, whose toolkits consist of devastating spells. Finally, rogue’s use mixture of stealth and mobility to dish out tons of damage. Who will you become?


The romance aspect of the game has been overhauled. As opposed to the previous gift and dialogue based system, romance arcs occur in reaction to story events and variables specific to each character and include sex scenes.

Not all romance arcs require sex however characters in Dragon Age Inquisition may engage in romantic relationships with companions, advisors, and other characters they encounter in the world. The sex does give the game a mature rating.


The customization has also been completely revised. For example, if the player finds a breastplate and decided to give it to a party member; depending upon which party member received it, the breastplate would automatically adjust its shape and aesthetics in order to fit that particular character while still maintaining his or her identity.

  • Dwarves
  • Elves
  • Humans
  • Qunari

Players can customize their keeps, such as rebuilding a garden as a Chantry church or a herb garden. These upgrades have minor effects on the Inquisitions espionage, commerce or military capabilities.

Crafting and Schematics are guides for creating new crafted items. Schematics offer flexibility, creating templates within which players may customize their gear. For example, a sword schematic with three Metal slots may be filled by any combination of metal allowed. Each distinct alloy will imbue the blade with different abilities and a unique appearance.


The game is an open world multiplayer game. The player is free to explore as they desire. Each choice can lead to varied outcomes thanks to the procedurally generated game world.

There is no wrong way to play Dragon Age: Inquisition except for getting killed. The game has a overview vantage but this stops play.


Operating SystemWindows 7 x64 or better
CPUCore i5-2500 or better
Memory8 GB or more
Hard Drive Space26 GB
Graphics HardwareNVIDIA™ GeForce® GTX 660 or better
AMD Radeon® HD 7850 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

The game is using the Frostbite 3 engine.