Motorola 56K PCI modem

Dial-up internet service has not gone the way of the dinosaurs. In fact, AOL, the premier internet provider in its heyday, still reported more than 2.1 million active dial-up subscribers as of March 2015.

Dial-up is much, much slower than DSL, cable or fiber, so no way you’re going to use it to binge on gaming for hours on end.

PCI 56K modems are still common with many. Most use the card for fax now instead of internet. The 56K modem can be used beside a fax machine as well.

The Canon MB2320 machine is a full function scan, copy and fax machine. On the LAN, the fax is a true network fax machine for sending faxes as needed. The MB2320 prints incoming faxes and these can be scanned if needed.

The PCI card can be installed in a desktop to receive faxes as well. It can supplement or complement the MB2320 as needed. The MB2320 supports 802.11 wireless networking making it very flexible.