Curse of Memos was released on June 3, 2015 by TEAM 101 who also developed the game. Curse of Mermos is a lighthearted hack and slash game with fast paced action and challenging combat.

You play top down fighting waves of enemy’s and collecting treasure and artifacts to further your objectives.

urse of Mermos features Abdu, an adventurer searching for fame and fortune in the ruins of Ancient Egypt. One of the greatest mysteries still standing is the location of Pharaoh Ebo, once a great ruler of the land. Abdu is on the brink of a great discovery but he will find out that Ebo’s tomb hides more mysteries than he thought.

Players wield the Hammer of Horus or shoot the Crossbow of Neith to defeat hordes of monsters in the tomb of Ebo. The game features unlockable abilities and skill upgrades for personalized combat. Special game modifiers allow players to customize each playthrough.

The game does get harder as play goes on. This is par for the course with many games. For example, an enemy you can’t hit, until it slams its shield onto the ground. However, once those same shield enemies clump together making it even harder.


This game is not very demanding. The developed used a GeForce card however any recent gaming card can handle this.