I bought a HP Stream 7 tablet from the Microsoft Store but this ended up becoming a nightmare.

I was running a small business on eBay in order to earn some money. I was selling digital camera, Apple iPods and computer components.

I was averaging about $500 or $1000 a month in sales which earned $200 in average profits after cost of materials and overhead.

I did not noticed there was a problem with the purchase with the tablet, but evidently the transaction did not clear. Usually I see transaction clear in 2 days so when I see available funds I put the money to work immediately.

After some 45 days Microsoft tried to clear the transaction without authorization. PayPal processed it and there was no funds in the bank account at the time,

This led to a loss of operating funds as income from PayPal was consumed by the debt at the bank. This meant no funds to mail the lot to the purchaser.

I contacted PayPal and complained and after 3 days they reversed the transaction and I was able to eventually transfer the funds back to my bank. I was forced to pay over $100 in overdraft charges and eBay penalized my for not shipping the item quickly. It took 11 days to be able to move the funds to my bank as PayPal at the time held funds for 7 days before clearing them.

Needless to say this made such a mess to my eBay store it collapsed. Thanks to the fraud by Microsoft I have now lost my good credit and I have also now lost a growing eBay venture. My credit rating fell 85 points.

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