The popular Clicker Heroes has a large number of heros that can be hired to increase the damage per second. These are found on the list on the left side of the game. The first group are easy to acquire which gives the player a running start. After a while though it does get harder to acquire more.

For those wondering, the purchase of guilds is a waste of rubies and time. The actually beenefit is driven by the ancient Argaiv which sets the damage values rather then the number of guilds. I suggest letting them carpet the heroes and move on to the cycle of ascendance to get more hero souls.

The perpetual doubling is OK early on. Save rubies up for autoclickers which will be very helpful as the game progresses. Autoclickers do rise 50 rubies as each one is purchased.

Cid, The Helpful Adventurer4x per 25 levels
Treebeast 4x per 25 levels
Ivan, the Drunken Brawler 4x per 25 levels
Britney, the Beach Princess 4x per 25 levels
The Wandering Fisherman 4x per 25 levels
Betty Clicker 4x per 25 levels
The Masked Samurai 4x per 25 levels
Leon 4x per 25 levels
The Green Forest Seer 4x per 25 levels
Alexa, Assassin 4x per 25 levels
Natalia, Ice Apprentice 4x per 25 levels
Mercedes, Duchess of Blades 4x per 25 levels
Bobby, Bounty Hunter 4x per 25 levels
Broyle Lineoven, Fire Mage 4x per 25 levels
Sir George II, King’s Guard 4x per 25 levels
King Midas 4x per 25 levels
Refriji Jerator, Ice Wizard 4x per 25 levels
Abaddon 4x per 25 levels
Mai Zhu 4x per 25 levels
Amenhotep 4x per 25 levels
Beast Lord 4x per 25 levels
Athena, Goddess of War 4x per 25 levels
Aphrodite, Goddess of Love 4x per 25 levels
Shinatobe, Wind Deity 4x per 25 levels
Grant, the General 4x per 25 levels
Frostleaf1030 4x per 25 levels
Dread Knight1045 4x per 25 levels
Atlas1077 4x per 25 levels
Terra10100 4x per 25 levels
Pthalo10115 4x per 25 levels
Orntchya Gladeye, Didensy Banana10130 4x per 25 levels
Lilin10145 4x per 25 levels
Cadmia10160 4x per 25 levels
Alabaster10175 4x per 25 levels
Astraea10190 4x per 25 levels
Chiron10205 4x per 25 levels
Moloch10220 4x per 25 levels
Bomber Max10235 4x per 25 levels
Gog10265 4x per 25 levels
Wepwawet10442 4x per 25 levels
Tsuchi10500 4x per 25 levels
Skogur101000 4x per 25 levels
Moeru102000 4x per 25 levels
Zilar104000 4x per 25 levels
Madzi108000 4x per 25 levels
Xavira10140004.5x per 25 levels
Cadu, Tomb Guardian1025200 4.5x per 25 levels
Ceus, Tomb Guardian1027204 4.5x per 25 levels
The Maw1045500 4.5x per 25 levels
Yachiyl, The Primordial Soul1076628 4.5x per 25 levels
Ace Scout Rose10108838 10x per 25 levels
Ace Scout Sophia10114500 10x per 25 levels
Ace Scout Blanche10127500 10x per 25 levels
Ace Scout Dorothy10142200 10x per 25 levels

Cid, the Helpful Adventurer launches the Hero team but his effectiveness is also the weakest. Once any particular early Hero reaches level 1000 it’s time to move on. Originally the game only reached Amenhotep, additional heroes were added several times over with game updates. Given how many hours some players have, it suggests that some additional 36 heroes should be added to set the bar high so that the game can be played for 10,000 hours or more easily.

Early on, Frostleaf becomes harder to achieve which is the start of the steeper costs for Heros. It is at this point that the motivation for ascending becomes obviated. Periodic ascendance is the key to leveling up to the higher Heros. Note that there seems to be no optimal level for Dread Knight.

Wepwawet becomes much more difficult due to the higher level requirements for some of the traits. Tsuchi needs many ascendance cycles to increase the Souls which provide higher DPS. The ascendance cycling will increase as the levels increase. It seems that for most all day players ascendance should be every other day.

Placing all of the guilds on the active Hero above Wepwawet does improve the performance. At this point a player should have close to 500-1000 guilds accumulated. Further on the guilds impact is muted somewhat as other factors dominate.

Above Xavira the costs get extravagant and as the cycling of ascending continues. A player will note that the balance of heros changes slightly as the hero traits have an unexpected impact. This will be seen on the DPS capability of the various heros.


In the course of gameplay, guilds are provided in large numbers. These now persistt. Do not buy any as this is the worst possible purchase in the game. Guilds can be moved around but this can be costly in terms of Hero Souls in the early part of the game. Moving 100,000 guilds does not result in the outcome desired.

Early on in the game with the first few guilds the is some value in assigning at least one to each hero until the zone level gets high enough to have more guilds than you can imagine. At zone 850K there are close to 100,000 guids as they do accumulate as the levels reach higher and higher..

The various guided heroes all have the same value as it is driven by the ancients levels instead of the number of guilds or the hero levels The guilds are therefore a big waste of rubies. Ignoring guilds and letting them carpet the list of heroes is as good as any strategy.

Up above zone 1 million the carpet of guilds is over 2000 deep per each. The number of guilds rises and rises as the zone grind by.