The Clicker Heroes Ancients have the ability to improve DPS and with some care they can be very powerful. To summons them all you need about 105 Hero Souls. You will be using a lot of Hero Souls when you level up each Ancient.

More Ancients were added to the game with a couple of updates. The max level will become obvious when you reach zone 100K and some leveling up does not get anything. The max level is also influenced by the transcendence outsiders.

Argaivbenefits guildsunlimited
Atmanbenefits primal bosses2,880
Berserkerbenefits power surgeunlimited
Bhaalbenefits critical clicksunlimited
Bubosdecreases boss life worth18,715
Chawedobenefits click stormunlimited
Chronosbenefits boss timers1001
Dogcoglower hero hiring and level up costs3,743
Doramore treasure chests18,715
Energonbenefits metal detectorunlimited
Fortunabenefits change of 10x gold14,972
Fragsworthimproves click damageunlimited
Hecatoncheirbenefits super clicksunlimited
Juggernautbenefits per click combounlimited
Kleptosbenefits golden clicksunlimited
Kumawakamarureduces monsters to advance zones1,498
Libertasbenefits gold gained while idleunlimited
Mammonmore gold droppedunlimited
Mimzeemore gold from treasure chestsunlimited
Morgulisadd hero soul DPSunlimited
Nogardnitadd DPS for idle clickersunlimited
Plutobenefits from golden clicksunlimited
Revolcadds chance for double rubies from clickables3,473
Siyalatasadds DPS when idle (60 seconds)unlimited
Sniperinobenefits lucky strikesunlimited
Vaagurbenefits skill cool down1440
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