Victor Vran was released on July 24, 2015 by Eurovideo. The game was developed by  Haemimont Games .Victor Vran is an action role playing game.

Victor Vran is a hack and slash type of action game.The game has lots of intense action with dozens of enemies all at once.

The game is co-op capable so its possible to play with friends.

The emphasis is definitely on the action as the builds and loot deceptively appear to be shallow. The main quest line is very approachable and beatable, especially if you take advantage of the co-op feature.

The game story is reasonably good and with some original ideas to it. The magic skills make gameplay more interesting.

Geralt of Rivia does the voice of the protagonist. Rufus from the Deponia series does the voice of a cowardly soldier you meet.


  • Dynamic action – dive down on enemies, dodge attacks and stand against hordes of monsters
  • Extensive character development – choose your weapons, items, outfits, destiny cards and demon powers to create your ultimate monster-slaying build
  • Invite friends to defeat a vile monster or fight alongside players from all over the world. Do you want to find out who is more powerful? Try out the PvP Arena.
  • Randomly generated items in addition to the hand-crafted ones. Improve every item to perfection by using transmutation.
  • Huge variety in monster behavior
  • Customize your difficulty with cursed hex items
  • Xbox controller support


Haemimont Game has released several free DLC packages for the original game.

  • Tome of Souls
  • Highlander Outfit
  • Cauldron of Chaos

The Cauldron of Chaos provides a large new map for the fhe game which is configured for a randomized layout.


Windows Vista or better. Dual core 2 GHz or better. 4GB of memory. 8800 GT or better.